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2009-12-08 13:19:12 by katsirostudios

Oh yeah! madness has never looked so HOT in purple


Come on!!!

2009-12-08 10:54:45 by katsirostudios

Come on madness day 2010!!!!!!!
I'ma waitn'

I am making a sketch right now and i just wanted to give a lil' screen shot

what iz up ChAd!!!!!!11!111!!!1

HEY YALL'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2009-08-29 16:51:09 by katsirostudios

What' up guys!!!!!!! im starting up a madness collbab!!!!!!!!!!!!

so if any1 wants 2 join just pm me the link to download the link. if is down for some freakish reson, E-mail me at


*P.S only send me animations that are made in Macromedia flash 8 proffesional.*

okay i am not going to do madness, not because im not a good enough animator; but because i cant think of enough stuff for three to five minutes.


2009-07-28 17:54:33 by katsirostudios

Hey guys!!! okay i might be completely insane for doing this but i am going to make my first animation a madness tribute. Alright i know that alot of die hard madness combat fans probably just blew there brains out, but you dont have to worry i actually take the time to do my animations. Not only do i take the tie to animate madness i do it frame by frame so dont cringe there wont be any tweening bull-crap going on. I can promise that this animation will be worth watching, it will not be a terrible made newbish animation that is only 5 five seconds.

omg dude im out

2009-07-26 15:56:17 by katsirostudios

okay making this animation (insert animation name here) is kickin' my a** i cant ever get more than 30 minutes of animtion cause' i have have so much s*** to do so it will be a LONG time before i post (insert animation name here) so bare with me people!!!


2009-07-24 09:52:37 by katsirostudios

I have no ideas of what to do, and holy s*** i am more bored than canned potatoes, i might end up doing a sketch animation but im not sure.